The Shaman's Way
of Healing

The Shaman’s Way of Healing online course was developed as a way for you to dip your toe into the world of a shaman to begin working with your Luminous Energy Field (LEF) to create health.


Our energy field, together with our diet and lifestyle, choreographs our health and emotions. Toxic energies predispose us to the heart conditions, breast conditions, and emotional dramas we inherit from our parents.


When we leave these energies unchecked, we succumb to a fate infused with suffering instead of discovering our own divine destiny.




Where is your village?


We belong to spiritual communities that come to change the world. We are called to make a difference, to bring beauty and healing to everyone around us.


The wisdom teachings are not meant to rest in the past. As our elders shared universal mysteries through the telling of stories, we also gather to explore a timeless wisdom and the cutting-edge science available to us now. 


Shaman21 is your village if you are interested in sacred ways of living with others as a monthly or annual membership.



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